Repair & Maintenance

iRad's 5 Point Refurbishment Process

Our customers receive the highest quality imaging/radiology equipment. It is a multi-point documented process that includes extensive test and calibration of all of the imaging/radiology system’s components.

We Review, Repair & Restore

  • SERVICE HISTORY: Prior available service history is reviewed and any identified errors are immediately addressed.
  • MECHANICAL: Systems are decontaminated, cleaned, evaluated and worn parts are replaced.
  • ELECTRICAL: All electrical systems are tested and physically reviewed to ensure working and replacement of high-failure parts.
  • COSMETIC: Systems brought to like new condition. Monitors, keyboards, controls and accessories are cleaned and replaced as necessary.
  • CALIBRATION: Prior to shipping to customer, all systems are calibrated per the manufacturer guidelines and extensively tested. Each system is provided a complete documentation package to reflect the work completed on the system.
This process is followed for each piece of equipment refurbished at iRad to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality system.

Service Management Portal

Service customers can access iRad’s Service Management Portal. The portal is specific to your facility and provides instant access for all service records especially during critical times such as audits and inspections.
It also allows customers to request service immediately without ever picking up the phone!

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Service Plans

Our selection of service plans range and meet all OEM requirements.

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New and used imaging equipment from Ultrasound to MRI. Great pricing, high quality equipment and expert customer service.

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iRad is a “One Stop Shop” for your facilities imaging/radiology equipment needs. One Payment, One call & One Portal.

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– Tim Miller & Tony Orlando, Founders of iRad




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